We have been manufacturing the Stone Stomper® stone guard since 2009, but have been testing the trapeze style stone guard as part of our travels around Australia for a lot longer than that.

It all started when we purchased a new Hilux and soft floor camper trailer 12 years ago. We were off on our first big outback adventure. In preparation I fitted a forward facing angled stone guard thinking this would offer the stone protection we needed. After 4,000km we returned with a broken rear window, peppered tailgate and sandblasted camper trailer that required a respray. For our next big trip down the Gibb River Road and Tanami in a Jayco Eagle, we needed to find a better stone protection solution … the Stone Stomper® was born. We have now travelled over 500,000 ‘stone chip free’ kilometres around OZ.

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Protection for more than just your car and van

A key benefit of the Stone Stomper® is it not only protects the vehicle but the complete A frame, gas bottles, gas and brake cables, coupling and the front of the van. It also stops tar stains on the van from the bitumen and in the wet, keeps the front of the van clean from road spray thrown up from the tow vehicle deflecting to the ground.

Stone Stomper® is not just for off road. How many times do you come across road works on the bitumen with wet tar and stones only to be diverted to a dirt bypass. You may not plan to go off road on your trip but your plans may change along the way as a recent customer of ours reported after a 3 month trip up to North Queensland. He had no plans to do any dirt roads with his new on road Jayco Sterling. Along the way however, he was told a ‘must see’ was Lawn Hill National park requiring a 180km of dirt roads. He was glad he had fitted a Stone Stomper® before he left, keeping his car and van looking new.

The mesh is not shade cloth, but a reinforced ONE PIECE Truck Mesh that is manufactured by our professional canvas makers. Each order is custom made to fit individual measurements ensuring maximum protection. All metal work is laser cut and electroplated for durability and comes with a 12 month Australia wide warranty.

Fits easily to most towball hitches

Stone Stomper® fits with existing Hayman Reese/Eaz-Lift WDH, Treg/Trigg, DO35,AT35, OzHitch, Hitch-Ezy, Mitchell Bros., McHitch, Hyland and standard tow ball hitches. We have many bar attachment options available for all types of hitches. Our different bar options ensure the bar is mounted as close to the vehicle as possible providing maximum mesh coverage and protection.

There is no drilling or modifications required to the tow bar or vehicle to attach the stone stomper®. All bar attachment options fit to your existing hitch.

Easy to install, even easier to connect/disconnect

The Stone Stomper® kit is easily installed taking less than an hour for the initial fitting and then connecting/disconnecting is less than 10 seconds. The kit comes complete with full set of instructions and all the fixings needed, Bar with flaps and custom made mesh.

Stone Stomper® is also designed to fit with horse floats, boat trailers, motor bike trailers, box trailers, farm trailers. We also custom make the Stone Stomper® to fit with wider vehicles such as F250 and motor homes.

To access the back of you car when connected simply push your shin against the mesh and it stretches in, or unclip two clips taking a couple of seconds (as demonstrated in the photo at left).

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